Thought for the Day: Getting to Happy

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” –Margaret Lee Runbeck

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” — Buddha

How many times have you heard someone say “Oh, I’ll be happy when I win a Pulitzer” or “Oh, I’ll be happy when I hit the New York Times bestseller list” or “I’ll be happy when I get an agent”?

Those are goals. Those aren’t markers of happiness.

If you can’t or don’t enjoy the process, achieving those goals won’t make you happy. You’ll get there (wherever there is for you) and feel hollow.

Love where are you are right now. [Trust me, this is hard. I’m trying to love that I have to strip my entire novel to the basic premise and start over again.] Be content in what you have and what you are doing now. Enjoy the moments that build toward your goals. Then when you get to that peak experience or that profound happiness, the taste of success will be much sweeter because you savored every moment to get there.

Published by tianajohnson90

I am an oil-and-water combination of humor, ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, procrastination, and drive. I am an aspiring romance novelist who writes by the seat of her pants. Waging and sometimes winning a daily battle with procrastination, plots, characters, and the day job.

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