Thought of the Day

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” Louis L’Amour (1908 -1988)

I can’t expound on this. L’Amour nailed it. If you want to write, you have to face down the demons (time, work, laziness, Real Housewives of Fill-in-the-Blank marathon) and just do it. Eliminating the distractions is hard as hell, but when you start writing and flowing, it’s worth it.


Friday Five: December 31, 2011

Wow. 2011 is almost over, and 2012 will soon be here. To celebrate, I’m following the lead of my favorite blogs that offer top tips in list format. This feature will cover writing and editing links (mostly), but there will always be something unexpected. 

The Guardian: 50 Things I Learned About the Literary Life (The entire list is great, but #17, #12, and #45 resonate.)

The Script Lab: “For those deep in the middle of Writer’s Block…”

The Other Side of the Story: How Kids’ Games Can Make Revisions Fun 

Ragans: The top 25 grammar and language mistakes

Social Media Today: 5 Twitter Hacks for Growing a Thriving Twitter Community in 15 Minutes a Day


Thought of the Day

“You don’t need confidence. Just write.” Paula Fox (Born 1923)

I struggle with this everyday, but everyday I put pen to paper and see what appears. As I learned when writing a paper in college, you can edit crap on a page but you can’t edit a blank page. 

So just write. It may be bad and horrible. It may have a gem buried underneath it all. But at least it’s a first draft, a crappy first draft but it is better than nothing at all.