Friday Five: Feb. 24 Edition

Alpha Male Body Language for Writers (a guest post by Mary Buckham on Kelly Stone‘s blog): “Reading male body language can either be a lifetime of trial and error – or involves a specific study of what sets them apart from women. Knowing and understanding male body language is very important for women writers to make sure their portrayal of male characters are accurate and grounded in ‘scientific’ facts, as opposed to simply being based on personal experience of viewpoint.”

The Difference Between Writing and Being a Writer by Tanya Chernov: “Every now and again I come across someone who, tickled by my profession of writing, reveals that he/she has harbored thoughts of “getting a book published and making a bunch of money.” I want to tread carefully here because I never, ever wish to discourage anyone from pursuing an artistic inclination, however I can’t help but squirm with great irritation at the widely held beliefs that 1) Writing is easy enough to just pick up one day on a whim, 2) Publishing a book happens all the time, so how hard can it be, right? And 3) Writing a book = making money. These notions are fallacies, I am sorry to say, making those of us who are persistent and passionate enough to really make an earnest effort to do the work of a writer a much heartier bunch of folk than most would assume. Almost anyone can write, but there’s a reason not just anyone can be a writer.

If You Can’t Spellcheck, Can You Be Trusted to Fact Check? by Rosanne E. Lortz: “In short, poor orthography leads one to suspect poor historiography.”

The importance of building readership and maintaining the relationship by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

5 Tips for Getting the Most From Critique Groups from The Author Chronicles: “Some writers like critique groups, some think they are a waste of time. I think they can be a valuable resource for a writer, provided you go into them with the right mindset.”

Bonus Video: Video Clips taken from Bob Mayer‘s Writing Workshops —

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