Friday Five: May 25 Edition

1. Mixing the Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations to Create Something Fresh (Adventures in YA and Children’s Literature): “Every book we write is also a living bookshelf of every book we’ve ever read. The words of our mentors and the faces of the beloved friends we’ve laughed with and cried with haunt our pages like shadows beneath our sentences. So,Continue reading “Friday Five: May 25 Edition”

Friday Five: May 18 Edition

1. Additional tips on better self-editing (David Sheets, SPJ): “Blame this boom in boo-boos on the ease of electronic publishing, which has reduced the gap between writing and marketing to a barely perceptible slit and goads us into stream-of-consciousness creativity. We are all just a keystroke away from fame and fortune, we’d like to think. Thus,Continue reading “Friday Five: May 18 Edition”

Friday Five: May 11 Edition

1. Helpful Critiquing (Savvy Authors): “If you’re a working writer, you already know how difficult it is to judge your own work. The mental image we have is of what we meant to say; sometimes that may not have been achieved. If you’re part of a writing group, critiques are an integral part of the processContinue reading “Friday Five: May 11 Edition”

Friday Five: May 4 Edition

1. Characterization and the kitchen sink (Seven  Sassy Sisters): “Knowing the characters we create is key to a well-plotted and emotional story. I have a character sheet generated from different classes I took to help me create my hero and heroine. But, to be honest, most of the information didn’t appeal to the “I like thingsContinue reading “Friday Five: May 4 Edition”