I never…

would have never done some of the things I get mad props for, the things that people are astonished that I have accomplished.

Train for a half marathon? Hell no, younger me said. Hell yes, older me said as I was recovering from a broken heart and reclaiming my life. I needed a concrete goal that I could do and I wanted a challenge.

Tell the man I have loved for years the truth? Hell no, younger me whispered. Hell yes, the more mature me yelled. And I did it. He doesn’t feel for me the way I feel for him. I could have ended my yearning if I had asked. I would have been on the road to healing earlier if I asked. This was the great lesson from my summer: Ask every time. The answer may not be what you want, but at least you know where you stand.

These are worthwhile things to know, to have, to do, and to become. And I regret not doing most of this earlier.

Published by tianajohnson90

I am an oil-and-water combination of humor, ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, procrastination, and drive. I am an aspiring romance novelist who writes by the seat of her pants. Waging and sometimes winning a daily battle with procrastination, plots, characters, and the day job.

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