Missed Connections

When I lived in D.C. I read the City Paper religiously. I read mostly for the articles but primarily for the personals. The Matches section were full of urbane, witty, and (per the profile language) cute hipsters, legislative aides, lobbyists, government workers, and global do-gooders stomping through the D.C. streets looking for love in all the wrong and right places. The Wild Side was, well…wild; I can vouch upon this one day. The I Saw You section was for those of us who thought we saw our match, significant other, or weekend bed buddy at a congressional hearing, on a street corner, or in the Whole Foods. 

I always hoped I would get an “I saw you…” but I never did. Maybe I wasn’t memorable enough, cute enough, or approachable enough to get one. 

Now, thanks to this snazzy map, “which breaks down, state-by-state, the most common hotspots for Missed Connections posted on Craigslist” according to Psychology TodayI realized the error of my ways. I wasn’t going out enough on the Metro (D. C.), visiting enough parks (M.D.), or hitting the gym (Virginia). And when I lived in Oklahoma, I never went to the state fair, thus missing my opportunity to meet the love of my life (or least get a Missed Connection notice). 

I am not going to make the same mistake (like the people in Indiana, who have the most missed connections in their homes). This time, I am going to get gussied up every time I step into a Wal-Mart (or at least when I cross the state line and am in Florida). This year, I am going to clean my car and be fly and gorgeous when I dash around Atlanta. Love is in the air, and I sense a Missed Connection notice for me in the future. 

Published by tianajohnson90

I am an oil-and-water combination of humor, ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, procrastination, and drive. I am an aspiring romance novelist who writes by the seat of her pants. Waging and sometimes winning a daily battle with procrastination, plots, characters, and the day job.

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