Six (Random) Things About Me

A lot of people–well, not a lot (hi, two readers)–want to know more about me. I guess that is a good thing. I did that stupid Facebook meme, and I thought I would share with others. 


1. I wanted to be a nun — thanks to The Sound of Music (Captain Von Trapp is still dreamy) and my wish to wear a habit (so I wouldn’t have to do my hair).

2a. One night in Thailand, I was pickpocketed by a gang of high-heeled, short shorts-wearing transgender thieves. 

2b. I almost left Thailand with the security guard I met in a Cambodian casino and a baby that a woman handed to me in a village.

3. I consist of contradictions. For example, I am a romantic at heart, but I hate weddings, tulle, and fondant. I am a communicator, and I hate talking on the phone. I love the idea of romance (hence why I write it), but I can’t deal with other people emoting.

4. My favorite holiday is Halloween. On a regular day, if I come to your house and demand your goodies, it’s called robbery. On Halloween, it’s just trick-or-treat. I love it!

5a. I have rigged an election, not on the level of Chicago-style rigging or Scandal-rigging. But I did. And I am proud of the result.

5b. I was the queen of my prom. Can you connect the dots?

6. I have a scar on my neck. I earned it in grad school during a bar fight regarding a theoretical misunderstanding between members of my grad school cohort.

Wordless Wednesday

Actually, I have a few words about this move popularized by Beyonce. Cosmo talked about this for years prior to Queen Mother Creole started singing about it.

It’s nothing but the reverse cowgirl in water and on a slick surface. Don’t do this unless you have a good insurance policy and are willing to embarrass yourself in the emergency room as you explain how you ended up there.

The Skim: 25 January 2014

Welcome to The Skim, a curated weekly round-up of links, podcasts, videos, and/or books. I apologize for being late, but work and life have a way of sucking me into a vortex. (This video sums up how my life, full of conference calls, is.) This week features blogs about not being an insensitive jerk to (single and) childless women, choosing your own beloved community, dumb mythologies about black women, finding part-time lovers, and writing advice. 

TheGrio: Single and Living Fab — Jacque Reid discusses how to speak respectfully to childless women (also known as “don’t be a jerky ass to women who are single and childless” and “don’t chastise people for their situations that you know nothing about, clown”) 
Brain Picking: John Steinbeck on writing
To wrap everything up, it’s Nina Simone giving sage advice. 

Understanding My Horoscope

I love Em & Lo, and I love their witty horoscopes. 

But this was mine this week: “Better a little chiding than a great deal of heartbreak.” It’s Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor, to be exact. That is the one play I am least familiar with.

So, I need your help. 

What the heck does this mean? 

For any answers, I will pay you in good thoughts, Hershey’s kisses, and a pat on the bum. 

The Skim: 20 January 2014

Welcome to The Skim, a curated weekly round-up of links, podcasts, videos, and/or books. This week features blogs about monogamy, self-esteem and settling for second best, taking your agency back, what you should not in a relationship, a review of a book on online searches and what turns people on, trusting your instincts, 

eHarmony: Are you used to settling for less? (Can I get an amen right there?)