The Skim: 17 March 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whatever your plans for the day, I hope you check out the real reason for this day and get to know who the real St. Patrick is. I plan on imbibing on these chocolate stout and Bailey’s cupcakes (Cami Cakes better have some on deck) and doing a jig around my house to this song. #fuckyeahbuttercup, I am getting turnt up over here…before my 8 p.m. bedtime. Once again, The Skim is a curated weekly round-up of links, podcasts, videos, and/or books. 

Organizational Psych 101: Hygiene and motivation influence job satisfaction. Get a dose of some theory today. 

The elusive quest for love in academia: If you didn’t peep the #AcademicValentines hashtag on Twitter, you missed a treat of lovelorn and bitter academics talking about love and lust. Good times. But one professor goes deeper talking about the necessity of being honest about this job and its demands on relationships. 

Sleep more: Your butt needs to get more shut eye. Sleep deprivation has become a cultural badge of honor, but curtailing your sleep isn’t good for you. 

Do social media less: Social media is the devil. In mere minutes, the fantastic high you were on can come to a crash because of the crap you see. Research study #3,456 proves that. 

Stop watching Tyler Perry: I know, I know. Tyler Perry is like my beloved Girl Scout cookies: only good in small batches. Thankfully, I only see Girl Scout cookies once a year. This dude is working non-stop on his own brand of sorcery and witchery. Great read on his films and TV work: “Many words reverberate when I find the strength to watch a Tyler Perry film: violence, misogyny, HIV/AIDS, stigma, stereotypes, dependency, greed, classism, and others. The one word that never leaves my lips, however, is “empowerment.” (Basically.) Corollary: read the Crunk Feminist Collective’s examination how he hates black women. Another good read. 

Write more: Tips to get more words on your blank page. The advice is for those who are doing content marketing, but some applies to fiction writers, especially “Write what you’ve got” and “Talk it out.” 

Read faster: Bill Cosby’s tips on reading faster. #2 (skim) is my modus operandi, but #1 (preview) and #3 (cluster) are new ones. 

Your website sucks monkey balls because it isn’t simple. So says this blog post, not me. Basic premise: follow the K.I.S.S. principle. 

Cool find: A list from 29-year-old Lorraine Hansberry about her likes and dislikes. The woman has good taste, and I agree with her about being alone (like), loneliness (hate), Jean Paul Sartre’s writing (hate), Eartha Kitt and Eartha Kitt’s looks (like), and charming women (like). Mimic this in own life; I will be. 

All the characters are white: Christopher Meyers writes on the whiteout of characters of color in kid’s lit. Christopher’s dad, Walter Dean Meyers, also wrote about the lack of color in these books. Stat that stuck out: 

Of 3,200 children’s books published in 2013, just 93 were about black people, according to a study by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center at the University of Wisconsin.” Get cracking, writers. We need to see ourselves in mediated forms.” 

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