Links & Loves for October


How to write almost anything, from a great joke to a killer cover letter via Pocket — This is a collection of great articles about the craft of writing — Bookmark it. 

The strategic side hustle via Harvard Business Review  Key quotation: “ …leaders who want to rise—and help their organizations thrive—need to find ways to expand their field of vision and build their knowledge, skills, and connections even as they carry on their daily work.”

The day I brought my knitting into the boardroom  — More knitting in business meetings, please 

Scrum your novel via Karla Tipton — 10 steps for plotting, planning, researching and writing for NaNoWriMo — I’m prepping my kanban board and planning on using this as a daily standup journal. 

Yes and no: Consent in love scenes via KJ Charles — “…consent isn’t simply an administrative preliminary to sex: it’s a discussion of what people want. The way consent is portrayed in sex scenes gives a massive amount of info about the parties involved. We can tell a lot about a MC and a relationship from how and whether they actively ask for consent, or seek it non-verbally, and when they do this.”

Writing While Black via LA Review of Books — “To write as a Black person in America is to sustain a barrage of gut punches from a community and industry that don’t do a great job transcending the larger inequities of the culture surrounding them. Writing is difficult and publishing hellish, but the path for Black writers is laden with unique indignities.”


I fell back in love with salt-and-vinegar kettle chips. We are #fancy over here. 

This new distraction-free writing tool (that I have an account for and didn’t realize it). You only see one letter at a time when typing. And because you set a word goal, you cannot see your full draft until you type all the words (via Ann Handley’s newsletter

Log-in emails. Received a heads up that someone in Indonesia was getting into one of my accounts. (Thanks, Hulu.)

This new yarn from Peaches & Creme that I found in Wall-Mart

The conference workshops at the RWA 2020 conference:

This Quotes & Questions game I found at Barnes and Noble (I purchased one on hopes and dreams and one on friends and family. One day, when I can meet people in person, I am going to pull them out for a fun icebreaker.)

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