Should I Really Do This?

At every writers conference, RWA meeting, or email loop, there is a discussion on social media and branding. But one consistent theme always pops up: You need to blog.
I am not sure if I agree with that statement, but I do agree that you do need a parking place online, a tiny piece of the immense Interwebs that is all your own.
This is my space. But what do I have to say?
I currently subscribe to RSS feed from over 200 writing blogs. Some are blah. Some are decent. Some are amazingly chock full of awesomeness. My qualitative analysis are all based on content. Some blogs give great, reliable content that keep me coming back for more.
Content is the currency of the social web. It’s what people search for. What makes them click, share, comment, subscribe, donate, follow or buy from you.
I am not trying to replicate those great content blogs. My goal with this blog is to create a repository of resources for myself and to establish a hub of knowledge that circles around the things I am most passionate about: good romance, good writing, good publishers, good music, and good-looking people. I am creating new content that features my perspective on writing, and I am <a href=””>curating</a href> the valuable information that I find for other.
Lofty goals, I know. But I am figuring this out and you are welcome to come with me on this journey. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride.